About us

We are a Bahrain based real estate development proprietorship established in 1976 with a focus on leasing properties in Manama, Adliya, Quadiyabiya, and Saar.

Al Sadah Homes set ourselves apart from large real estate companies in that we take great care in offering unique modern properties with a high level of customer service and in treating every tenant as a member of our family.

The architectural concept of our properties is minimal and modern whilst maintaining utmost comfort within the home. Our properties have been designed with the home dweller in mind, from the interaction of the well-spaced rooms to the flow of natural light. You will find that out villas have a characteristic brightness and airiness that makes one immediately feet at home.

With over 30 years experience in the Bahrain property market, we have gained invaluable insights on the needs of our customers and what it is they look for in a home. Yet we are continually learning and perfecting our trade to offer the best for our customers.

Properties are well maintained and inspected at regular intervals. Click on properties to search for flats, villas, houses and commercial properties for in rent in Manama, Adliya, Quadaiybiya and Saar. We look forward to arranging viewings at your earliest convenience.

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